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LUSTER Teraband HomeTRAN series devices are based on the MoCA Home network technology, transmitting via the existing coaxial cable, providing up to 1Gbps bandwidth within different rooms of the house.
MoCA 2.1
  • MoCA 2.1
  • MoCA 2.0
  • MoCA 2.1
  • HMW6000 Series MoCA Adaptor


    Luster Teraband HomeTRAN series product, MOCA2.0 dual-band Adaptor, can provide 1Gbps bandwidth data communication between outside and inside of the house via coaxial cable and Wi-Fi coverage within subscriber house.

  • HME5000 Series MoCA 2.5 Ethernet Coaxial Adaptor


    LUSTER Taraband HomeTRAN series MOCA2.5 adaptor, mainly achieves data transmission in coaxial cable. Taking advantage of coaxial cable resource at home, it constitutes a fast and reliable Ethernet home network, connecting the terminals such as smart TV, video game console, computer, and etc. It can support voice, data and video services.

  • HMW 5000 MoCA2.5 Dual-band Wi-Fi Adapter


    The HomeTRAN™ series of HMW5000 adapters are based on MoCA Home 2.5 technology. It can provide 2.5 Gbps data rates using the existing coaxial cabling in the home, supporting Wi-Fi connectivity to every room in the house without interference or performance degradation.

  • FTTB-577


    LUSTER Teraband 1550nm Fiber to the Building (FTTB) solution is especially designed for the cable ISPs.

  • MoCA-577

    Home Network Connection

    LUSTER Teraband home network solution is mainly applied for the scenario with coaxial cable resource in the house.

  • Wireless City-577

    Wireless City Solution

    Wireless City solution is compromised by front-end hardware system and back-end software system.

  • FTTH-577


    LUSTER Teraband 1550nm RF Overlay solution is one of FTTH solutions special for Cable ISPs.

  • Long Distance Transmission-577

    1550nm TV Backbone Solution

    1550nm laser amplitude modulation transmission technology has been widely used for Cable TV fiber optic transmission; it has ideal advantage of customer experience performance for multi channel video broadcasting. With worldwide digital transition and Fiber to the Home construction of TV broadcasting, the technology is evolved to bring better application in digital domain.

  • NMS/Provision

    Hive series network management system consists of several sub systems which monitoring, managing both the broadband and TV broadcasting channels. Also provision the broadband to Internet service request. The System aggregates and analyzes information from all access network elements to support a 99.99% availability network operation.