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Learn How LUSTER Teraband Helps SJZ Cable Operator Evolve Their Network with FTTH Solution

About SJZ Cable Operator

Service: Cable TV, broadband, VOD, security monitoring, TV call, smart home, local news;


  • 1.2 million homes passed
  • 850k digital TV subs

Challenge: smoothly upgrade current network to meet new service demands and compete with other operators in next five years

Since 2014, SJZ cable operator started FTTB deployment with Cable TV broadcasting + EPON/EOC technology, which became a problem on bandwidth, QoE and maintenance when it comes to next generation development of smart community, smart home, IoT, security monitoring, etc.; thus, how to smoothly upgrade SJZ current network to meet the increasing demands of bandwidth in next five years, as well as make operation and maintenance easy to improve the efficiency of maintenance staff, has to be settled urgently.

Solution: evolve SJZ network with LUSTER Teraband FTTH solution

Technology: two fiber with three wavelength, which means independently transmit broadcasting and data signal in two channels, support unbalanced penetration of TV and Broadband;

  • The choice of PON:  Applying popular EPON technology to lever the PON industry benefit.

Implementation Scope and Process

For broadcasting transmission channel: 100% coverage and 80% coverage at the beginning for special case and gradually achieve 100% coverage after access more subscribers;

For data transmission channel: 25% ~ 50% coverage when the access rate is low and gradually achieve 100% coverage with the development of services;

For villa, office and apartments with specific requirements, provide 100% coverage;

Successful Highlights

35% of 15,000 subs with broadband, IPTV VoD, telephone, smart home, security monitoring, local news, etc. and 20% higher ARPU for upgraded service

From technical side:

i. Future proof infrastructure support bandwidth evolution and new service;

ii. Two fiber solution to adopt fully TV coverage and broadband penetration strategy, future evolve towards one fiber WDM solution;        

iii. 1550 vide broadcasting keeps better QoE towards IPTV while providing same broadband service;

From commercial part: 

i. Even cost (CAPEX + OPEX): $70/sub, with higher revenue: additional 120k high end customer obtained in recent 3 years with $10 million profit from FTTH; within 3 year, FTTH OPEX saving compensate CAPEX gap of FTTB, benefit the future: truck roll, power, bandwidth, latency, full-IP transition ready;

ii. Rural FTTH: social benefit and government friendly (local Government service contract);

iii. Fixed line resource for mobile cooperate and B2B service;