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  • Flexible Packaging Inspection

    With high precision and efficiency, the PackRoll series are specifically developed for flexible packaging, web tobacco packaging, tipping paper, tetra pak, aluminium foil, lithium battery diaphragm, plastic film material as well as other web packaging. From printing, stamping, slitting to rewinding, it can be applied on the whole workflow to control quality during and after production.

  • Label Inspection

    The LabelRoll series are specifically developed for printing quality inspection of electronic labels, daily chemical labels, pharmaceutical labels, food label and other self-adhesive labels. Being able to be applied on the whole label printing workflow, the LabelRoll products not only can help users to reduce labor and material cost, but also enhance production efficiency and quality management level, which means more profit and competitiveness for our customers.

  • Wireless City-577

    Sheet-fed Packaging Inspection

    For sheet-fed packaging inspection such as pharmaceutical packaging, tobacco packaging, 3C electronic products packaging, cosmetic packaging, tag, card, food packaging, corrugated packaging, liquid packaging, Luster specially developed the PrintMan series to effectively reduce labour cost and improve inspection performance and efficiency. With our flexible solutions with combination of different inspection position, you can truly achieve 100% inspection for various defects and materials.