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With Strategic Investment from SDIC Venture Capital and Intelligence Chain, LUSTER Develops Infrastructure for Industrial Artificial Intelligence Continuously

Oct 23, 2020

Recently, LUSTER LightTech Co., Ltd., a leading provider of products and solutions in the field of industrial artificial intelligence, co-invested by organizations such as SDIC Venture Capital, Intelligence Chain, and Tong Sheng Capital, has completed a B+ round of strategic financing worth hundreds of millions of yuan. The company has successively received strategic investment from Fortune Capital, Foxconn Industrial Internet (stock code: 601138) and Yangtze River Xiaomi Industry Fund. This round of financing is mainly used to develop the innovative research and application of the new-generation industrial artificial intelligence in the construction of intelligent factories, and further enhance LUSTER’s advantages in the fields of advanced optical imaging, pattern recognition and image processing algorithms.


Integrating edge computing and deep learning, the machine vision technology can truly “implant eyes and brain into the machine”, which is one of the core technologies of industrial artificial intelligence. The core of such technology is the camera system based on mathematical calculations, which can quickly and precisely read the product information, and achieve the scientific measurement and intelligent decision-making through pattern recognition and deep learning. In recent years, this technology has been widely applied in the fields of industrial automation and intelligence, to perform non-contact positioning, measurement and inspection. It can improve the product processing accuracy, detect product defects, and perform independent analysis and decision-making, which is indeed an important part of intelligent manufacturing. In high-tech industry in developed western countries, machine vision system is widely applied in production and processing, as well as quality inspection of almost every production line. In China, the application of machine vision is still in an initial and fast growth stage, boasting a huge market potential. Meanwhile, as the machine vision technology integrates optics, machine, electronics, algorithm, and software technology into one, it is faced with great technical difficulties and a relatively high barrier to market access.


LUSTER is a high-tech enterprise in the field of optical imaging and machine vision. Based on the core capabilities of optoelectronic computing and software E2E, it has been serving fields such as industry, technology, education and traffic for more than two decades. By serving globally leading companies such as Apple, Huawei, BOE and Foxconn, it has accumulated a number of knowledge graphs in the field of production technology and process management, and has always been a domestic leader in the field. LUSTER always boasts outstanding R&D capabilities in software and hardware of optics and algorithms. It has independently developed AOI inspection equipment for industries such as display, electronics manufacturing and printing, and become a leader in many aspects of the industry. It is the first company in China to develop SuperTrain series display inspection products and a visual alignment/inspection system of Vision BOX electronic products beyond the visual limit of humans. The first machine vision algorithm platform VisionWare in China, which took 15 years to develop, has been fully applied by leading companies in the field of 3C electronic manufacturing.


Through continuous technical research, LUSTER has overcome the bottlenecks of optical imaging and software algorithms, broken multiple international monopolies in products and technologies, and realized independent product and technological innovation. The company now has more than 460 technical patents, including more than 300 invention patents. Additionally, it has more than 170 software copyrights and has received three national-level awards: a first prize of 2012 National Technological Invention Award for the Display Technology and Device for Displaying Stereoscopic Video Reconstruction, a second prize of 2016 National Science and Technological Progress Award for Key Technology and Industrialization of New Generation of Stereo Vision, and a second prize of 2019 National Science and Technological Progress Award for the Key Technology and Application of Camera Coding.

 “We are developing with quality and winning with intelligence”, said Chairman Dr. Yao Yi. LUSTER has been developing industrial artificial intelligence for more than 20 years. Through continuous hard work, it has made steady progress, aiming to become a global leader in the field of visual artificial intelligence and optoelectronic information.

SDIC Venture Capital is a fund management company specially established by the State Development and Investment Corporation to deepen its comprehensive strategic cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology and accelerate the transfer and commercialization of national scientific and technological achievements. Tong Sheng Capital is a professional investment institution focusing on intelligent manufacturing technologies and life health and specialized in investing in industry-leading companies under different growth stages.