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Aesthetics in Package, Love in Printing, Strength in Quality, Winning with Intelligence

Sep 27, 2020

On September 10th, 2020, the 16thAnnual Meeting of the Packaging and Printing Industry was held as scheduled at World Hotel Grand Dushulake Suzhou. Centered with the theme of “Aesthetics in Package, Love in Printing”, participants discussed about the industry trends and the application of cutting-edge technologies. Focusing on the industry hotspots and connecting resource advantages, participants shared their successful experience and provided the latest technical solutions.


Developing with quality, winning with inspection


LUSTER LightTech Group was invited to attend the forum. At the forum, product manager Mr. Li Jianwei combined his successful experience of more than 20 years in visual inspection, with the theme of “Developing with Quality, Winning with Inspection”, to give an in-depth analysis of source file inspection, continuous and serious waste inspection, color monitoring, text inspection, barcode inspection and adaptation material deformation, and to provide value-added service solutions before, during and after printing. In addition, he introduced the development path of LUSTER during these years in detail, as well as the all-round application of GMQM quality management system.

▲Mr. Li Jianwei from LUSTER LightTech Group, delivered a speech

In 2020, the sudden pandemic has brought lots of uncertainty to the market, and the printing industry seems to be “dull”. However, growth is in the package and printing industry even during such special times. LUSTER LightTech Group has been helping enterprises to resume work and production since the beginning of this year, promoting enterprises to develop towards intelligence.

Although the pandemic reduces the mobility, preventing employees from working on time, the automated equipment can “increase efficiency with less labor”, which has become the operation thinking of large scale packaging and printing enterprises. Large enterprises begin to purchase a large number of LUSTER quality-inspection equipment, which means that the pandemic is pushing the packaging and printing industry into the era of “replacing labor with machines”.

LUSTER’s self-developed product solution focuses on single-page, labeling, soft roll, etc. The PrintMan-650S Inkjet & Quality Inspection All in One Machine for the Carton box field, which is newly developed by the group, can achieve “three functions with just one machine” particularly. That is to say, it can not only be used as a quality inspection machine or an inkjet printing machine, but can also perform the function of “inkjet printing + quality inspection”. It is truly a “useful machine” of small and medium orders in terms of medicine package with the need of variable bits, make-up packaging, food packaging and electronic product packaging. Moreover, it can achieve the partial UV function within the width of the nozzle.

▲PrintMan-650 Inkjet & Quality Inspection All in One Machine

In addition, Mr. Li Jianwei especially mentioned LUSTER’s “GMQM Quality Information Center”, a whole-scenario data management intelligent data quality information center for printing enterprises, which is also called “GMQM Quality Management Master”. The intelligent inspection based on intelligent quality inspection and visual technology, “GMQM” can provide users with solutions of soft roll digitalized quality management, single-page digitalized quality management, factory quality data analysis, etc. With the most foreword looking view and technical solutions, he shared LUSTER’s scientific achievements in digitalization, intelligence and automation, and explore the opportunities together with the enterprises from the packaging and printing industry, which will greatly promote the development of the printing industry in the post-pandemic period.


End of the 10-day conference

Beginning of the 11-day visit of Suzhou LUSTER LightTech Group

Come and see the birth of LUSTER’s various inspection equipment

Behind its excellent quality,

what are the creative techniques and rigorous inspection?

Seeing is believing. Come and have a look!


The headquarter of LUSTER is located in Beijing, with 12 offices and branches nationwide. Among them, the production R&D centers are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and Xi’an. The group has 36 innovative labs, to explore the cutting-edge technologies.

This visit of the production R&D headquarters—LUSTER(Suzhou) Smart Machine Co., Ltd. On September 11th, 200 visitors were received in batches, including famous enterprises like Beijing Yinuo’er Printing Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Hengyuan Printing Co., Ltd., Huaxin (Foshan) Color Printing Co., Ltd., Qingdao Leigh-Mardon packaging Co., Ltd., Xiamen Jihong Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Lu Xin Tianyi Printing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zijiang Color Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Minong Century Group Co., Ltd., and Xi’an Global Printing Co., Ltd. (The list is arranged in random order)

The clients said that they can feel the extreme quality of the product during the entire visit. Among them, the advanced manufacturing techniques, the delicate management process, the rigorous inspection methods and the systematic quality management have all received the high recognition of clients.

As Dr. Yates Yao, chairman of LUSTER LightTech Group said, “This visit highly matches with the theme of the annual meeting, namely, Aesthetics in Package, Love in Printing, Strength in Quality, Winning with Intelligence!”