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All in Print China|LUSTER: Sticking to the Main Road of “Prosperous with Quality and Leading with Intelligence”

Oct 23, 2020

Founded in 1996, based on more than two decades of exploration in the precision imaging technology, visual software technology, and machine vision system and automation technology, LUSTER has become an innovative company in pursuit of brilliance. The logo “LUSTER” has been an important carrier representing domestic advanced technology and quality in the field of printing and inspection.

In this October, as the autumn wind blows, the8th All in Print China 2020 was grandly held. Let’s check it out at Hall N5 to Booth A120, the booth of LUSTER!

Booth of LUSTER

At present, the business of LUSTER in the area of printing and packaging is divided into three categories: single-page color box printing and packaging, molded pulp packaging and printing, and adhesive sticker labelling and printing. Among them, the adhesive sticker labelling and printing business mainly focuses on three kinds of equipment, online inspection, offline inspection and online inspection and offline culling, which are widely used in fields like e-labelling, cosmetics, food and drugs. LUSTER has always been customer-centric, to maximize the convenience and accessibility for customers through internationally leading modeling principle.

For All In Print China, LUSTER is an old acquaintance. However, it brings something new to audience every time. When the author visited the booth of LUSTER, it was crowded with visitors, who spoke highly of the on-site equipment and frequently asked the staff about the equipment.

Many visitors are attracted by the equipment of LUSTER
At the site of the event, LUSTER not only successfully held several new product launches for equipment like PrintMan-650S Inkjet & Quality Inspection All-in-One Machine at the expo, but also signed several cooperation agreements with companies from places like Henan, which purchased three pieces of LUSTER quality inspection equipment at one time.


Several cooperation agreements are signed at the boot of LUSTER

Star Product 1: PrintMan-650S Inkjet & Quality Inspection All-in-One Machine

l  This brand new inkjet printing + quality inspection all-in-one has combined inkjet printing and quality inspection into one, which can save the equipment cost, the labor cost of two workers, achieve multiple functions with just one machine (inkjet printing + quality inspection, inkjet printing, quality inspection), and perform modular design with very flexible application. It adopts the creative anti-shake action camera and light source structure to improve product stability; the creative suction structure, which is compact and can reduce lots of energy consumption). The speed of inkjet printing is as high as 150m/min.

Star Product 2: SmartFAB Intelligent Manufactory & Quality Management System

This management system can perform unified quality management integrating the ERP, MES and quality management systems, which can faultlessly record the quality information, including types of defects, the time of occurrence, the production line, the ticket, the operator, and the tuning status. Meanwhile, it can also record the status and speed of product at every stage, as well as production information like output, number of rejects, and status of production line. In the complete execution of orders, various systems are seamlessly connected, which has effectively improved quality and efficiency, reducing costs and inventory.

Star Product 3: LalelMaster-F Label Quality Inspection System

LabelMaster-F Label Quality Inspection System matches the new generation of PrintingPlus6.0 inspection software. The all-in-one and compact design of optical components can match multiple modules, which can provide users with a more powerful and high-end label quality inspection solution. It has the advantages of high inspection accuracy, high levels of adaptability, complete inspection functions and high levels of operability. 

Star Product 4: PrintingProof System
With PrintingProof Software as the core, together with the scanner, a set of solutions is built to identify the differences between electronic files, between electronic files and printed samples, and between printed samples. When used for design proofreading, which can ensure the consistency of design draft and the users’ needs; for proofing and proofreading to ensure the consistency of design draft and the content of platemaking draft. When it is used for first inspection or random inspection to ensure the consistency of printing sample and the signing draft.


With service as the foundation, reach customers with differentiated services

Technology as the soul, service as the root. We are professional, so we are trustworthy. As for technical services, LUSTER’s wolfish corporate culture has cultivated a team of down-to-earth, skilled and efficient sales and service professionals.

Some members of the service team of LUSTER

In terms of regional services, LUSTER’s technical R&D headquarters is located in Beijing, and its production base is in Suzhou. Currently, it has established branch offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Wuhan, Chongqing, Chengdu, and Qingdao. With a relatively complete service network, it can achieve the after-sales service model that can solve offsite problems within 12 hours and reach customers within 24 hours.

In 2020, faced by the pandemic, all walks of life suffered. But the pandemic also promoted the rapid development of quality parts area. LUSTER finds opportunities in crisis, and continue to challenge itself until it delivers a satisfying result. During the pandemic, LUSTER had always stood side by side with its clients with the sincerest service. As the saying goes, “hard work pays off”. LUSTER receives the best payback from the market. “In the future, we will continue to stick to the main road of ‘prosperous with quality and leading with intelligence’, and be devoted to explore and develop the domestic printing and packaging industry.


“In the future, we will continue to optimize the through in-depth strategic cooperation with internationally leading labelling and printing companies, and create high value profits for clients. We will learn the excellent quality management models of model clients in the labelling field, and continuously convey the management concept of ‘prosperous with quality’ to small and medium clients.” The future is here. On the path where both opportunities and challenges exist, LUSTER will definitely not disappoint its clients and do its best to advance to a higher level!