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Ultrahigh Speed Optical Communication System R&D Lab Solution


The ultrahigh speed optical communication system R&D Lab solution provides a comprehensive ultrahigh speed optical communication T&M platform enabling the research on future ultrahigh speed (400G/1T)optical modulation and transmission technologies including high spectral efficiency, high noise tolerant advanced modulation format, Novel low noise amplification, novel low loss and low nonlinear transmission fibers as well as novel DSP algorithm technologies.

Features & highlights

This industry leading comprehensive ultra-high speed coherent components and transceiver evaluation solution is for the generation and analysis of ultrahigh speed coherent optical modulation signal,  for complete system performance including CD, PMD ,PDL and SOP tolerance characterization, and full DSP evaluation platforms including offline and real time DSP evaluation platforms.Industry leading multi-channel, ultrahigh broadband, ultrahigh baud rate, and high quality advanced modulation signal generation platform. It has the following highlights:

  • Offering complete 4 channel high speed signals required for advanced coherent optical signal generation.
  • Industry only ultrahigh baud rate signal generation up to 120Gbaud.
  • Industry best signal quality with ultralow jitter, ultrahigh bandwidth. 
  • a flexible ultrahigh-speed coherent optical modulation signal generation platform for generating various coherent optical modulation signals up to 64Gbaud including DP-QPSK/16QAM/64QAM/256QAM etc.
  • a solution for the generation of ultrahigh baud rate optical and electrical signal up to 120Gbaud for the research on future ultrahigh speed (beyond 400G) optical transmission system.
  • 400G/1Tbps advanced modulation signal analysis solution for the characterization system performance these system inters of constellation diagram, EVM, SER, BER characterization etc.
  • a low noise Raman amplification solution offering high power Raman pump lasers for the study of low noise amplification technologies including 2nd-order, and 3rd –order Raman amplification.a comprehensive test equipments for evaluating the CD, PMD, PDL and SOP tolerance performance of ultrahigh speed optical transmission technologies.
  • an offline and real-time DSP algorithm evaluation platform enabling the development of the novel DSP technologies with ease.

Application Scenario

The solution can be applied to the following use scenarios:
1. Ultrahigh speed (400G/1Tbps) Nyquist WDM system research
2. Ultrahigh baud rate system research
3. 100G/400G coherent optical components testing