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LUSTER LightTech Group has been playing a leading role in the fields of Fiber Optics, Vision and Imaging since the establishment on June 6, 1996. With the goal of serving its customer with leading solutions, products and services, LUSTER organized products and solutions from more than 50 worldwide famous photonic and optoelectronic companies including Teledyne Dalsa, FLIR, Finisar, SHF, Fujikura, VPI, etc.

Since 2000, LUSTER has started the development of its own customer dream product in the high-end vision and imaging, optical communication fields for emerging requirement of customers with more than 200 innovative patents. Through 20 years efforts, LUSTER has been growing to 1100 people with contract revenue of 1 billion in 2015.

In the recent 5 years, LUSTER put 10% of sales revenue as investment on R&D to serve its high-end worldwide famous clients like Huawei, ZTE, Fiber Home, JDI, Hitachi, SONY, Amcore, Sharp, China CATV, etc.

Over the past 20 years, LUSTER has always insisted on helping the development of customer industries. Our deep study of customer requirements and solutions allow us to take the leading position in the industries for which formed four business units including Fiber Optical Component and Instrumentation: FOCI, Fiber Optical Access Networks: FOAN, Vision Imaging Component: VIC and Industry Vision Systems: IVS.

With the explosive growth of internet and the mission of “light the people, light the world“, LUSTER has been provided the industry’s leading fiber optic solutions for telecommunications, data communications, fiber laser and fiber optical sensing like 40G/100G/400G for fiber optic communication systems. In cable television industry, LUSTER has been offering big city, city to county and county to villages television transmission solutions for more than 1000 CATV carriers,  and now start to promoting broadcasting channel together with >1Gbps wideband data link as A+B FTTx/H access networks as well as >1Gbps home network solutions for our customers.

"Better vision and better life! "The greatest optical and software progress of vision and imaging in last 10 years makes machine vision replacing the human vision and analysis a reality in many area. This starts the era of creation of industry intelligence as a great replacement of human intelligence which leads the way of industrialization 4.0 of smart factories. With accumulation of 20 years in vision and imaging, LUSTER will continue to play a leading role in "implanting eyes and brains in machines"for print, 3C electronic fabrication, etc.

Facing the historical opportunities of ultra-wideband networks age and industry 4.0, through 20 years’ market understanding and innovative accumulation of optical communication and vision technics, LUSTER started a new 5 year round strategic plan of “Second Round Rebirth". According to the plan, our sales output will reach 5 billion RMB with more than 3,000 employees by 2020. With the joint efforts from all colleagues, LUSTER strives to become a modern, widely respected and trusted high-tech enterprise which will always make major contributions to the development of industry in China and around the world!

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