Night: I'm simply awestruck. This is such a beautiful work of art.
   I'm wearing it right now and it's just amazing. Thank you so much for creating it.
   I'll definitely treasure this piece. - Kymberlyn A Reed

   Where is my sparrow: Great piece!
   The birdcage is much more substantial then
   I thought it would be. Great statement piece.
   i couldn't be happier. :) Thank you! - Rebecca Martin

   Peachy: Everything is so pretty!
   It took me half a day to control my urge to buy more than one item - Lili

   Purple Rain & Snow White: You have been amazingly efficient :)
   Very happy with my Japonicas! Will be treasuring them! - Peiyu

   Rose Tea: Intricate design. Beautifully crafted. A life long keepsake.
   The shop was easy to communicate with; smooth transaction. - Julie M Harrison

   Starfish: A poetic and marvelous necklace!
   With a so lovely package. Great seller and great creation! - Aurelie Andrea

   You captured my heart: Your creations captured my heart! - Theresa

   My Bucket full of Treasure: Excellent Item!! Very High Quality and beautiful design.
   Thank you so much for the beautiful chain that you made for my wife.
   She absolutely had a fit over it. The craftmanship and obvious heart you put
   into this is amazing. Thank again for a wonderful treasure. - Shayne

   Just wanted to tell you how happy I am to discover your little store today. :)
   I am very happy with my purchases today. They were beautiful
   and I can't help admiring them even when I am at home. :) - Mui Ee


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